Over Five Decades of Quality Metal Fabrication

Original 1955 company sign
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Founded in 1955, Jay Manufacturing Oshkosh, Inc. is a premier full-service metal fabricator. We serve clients in more than 50 distinct industries throughout the United States including several Fortune 500 companies. Our headquarters and logistics facilities encompass more than 115,000 square feet of productive space. While we are primarily a production shop, we also specialize in new product research and development projects for our clients. Our team is one of the most experienced, highly trained and efficient in the fabrication industry. We offer rapid turn-around and 24/7 manufacturing capability. We are an outstanding fabricator. We are an outstanding business. We believe our greatest strength is our loyalty to our clients and our dedication to their success – a belief that has made us very successful for nearly six decades.

Jay Manufacturing, 1955-1968

Logistics and Assembly Facility

Commonly Fabricated Material

Jay Manufacturing Oshkosh, Inc. works with a number of formats. Some of these commonly fabricated materials include:

Sheet, Carbon Steel (HRS/CRS/Grade 50,80/T1/Abrasion Resistant β€œAR”), Aluminum (5052, 6061,3003), Stainless Steel(Polished, Unpolished, 304, 316, 2B), Galvanneal, Galvanized, Embossed, Vinyl Clad-Steel and Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Screen, Expanded, Spring Steel, Extrusions, Tread Plate, Hinge, Angle, Bar stock, Tubing, Chain and Cable.