Excerpted from NewsWave Magazine March/April 2012, Vol. 12 Issue 2

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…Jay Manufacturing is working on its largest expansion in company history.  The 53,000-square-foot expansion to the company’s 20th Avenue headquarters, the company’s third expansion in the last six years, sets Jay Manufacturing up to double its size.  The expansion is expected to be completed by the end of March.
The company  that began in 1955 now has two facilities in Oshkosh.  It recently purchased a 20,000-square-foot facility on Atlas Avenue from RK Sports.  It’s used for final assembly, logistics, and warehousing…Jay Manufacturing chose to move ahead with company expansions during the Great Recession, a move that strengthened their position for better economic times ahead.
Business can do one of two things during a downturn.  One is to slash spending and become insular,” said Matt Jameson, vice president and chief operating officer.  “It really is our belief that in order to fight an economic downturn-if a company is able to-you need to invest in people and facilities to help customers achieve their goals.  We prefer to be proactive rather then reactive.”
Jameson also attributes company success to its clients, who are run under solid management teams and also weathered the recession well.  Jay Manufacturing also has introduced new services.  It will be offering to customers the ability to cut tube and bar stock with a 3D laser, the only of its kind used in Wisconsin.  The company also is expanding its forming capabilites and adding automation to become more efficient.  It now has two of the largest welding robots in Wisconsin and plans to add more.
While Jameson does not know exactly how many employees the company will add along with the expansion, it’s been the company’s history to increase its workforce with each building expansion.  The company now employs 75 people.
While serving 45 to 50 different industries, including the military, agriculture, food services, medical and aircraft industries, Jameson sees a bright future ahead to expand into even more markets and increase market share.
“We do see opportunities on the horizon, and we do see the economy turning for the better,” he said.  “We see underserved markets out there that we can lend our expertise to.”
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